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Monogamy - Choice or obligation?

According to the convention these days, monogamy refers to having only one sexual partner. However, monogamy is much more than what the word is defined as. A believer of monogamy essentially expects his / her partner to live with him / her and cooperate with him / her to make a living (social monogamy). He / she also hopes to be the only thing your partner / ha with children (genetic monogamy). This in turn implies that the partner should not be sexually involved with someone outside the relationship (sexual monogamy)> Finally, a significant proportion of monogamous wants to marry her partner (marital monogamy). Now, those may sound like a lot of restrictions or servitude. But most people who believe in monogamy wait all this without having to express their expectations. It's like a code of conduct without saying monogamy.

Monogamy - Choice or obligation?

As is the case with almost everything in the world, monogamy has its believers and critics, and monogamy has its polar opposite - polygamy. Many people believe in polygamy rather than monogamy. As a person, is strictly your choice, and none of our business to stick our noses in his decision. But if you are someone who does not believe in monogamy, but is still under pressure or pushed into it by any moral pressure, social or personal care! This could be a recipe for disaster!

Whatever you decide to take in life, whether it's a style of dress or lifestyle changes should not be an election under the weight of the obligation. Most often in these cases, final appeal to our original choice, and then there is a huge mess. If you want to live as a polygamist, choose. But having chosen to become monogamous, do not hesitate. Adopting the concept with the full understanding of what it means and what your partner can expect from you.

Benefits of monogamy

Making a decision is not always as easy as it seems, as I tried to illustrate above. Moral, social obligations, family can not always be the right reasons to make a decision. Therefore, it is important to think about a decision before actually using the application. Here are some of the benefits of monogamy - I hope to help you make the right decision!

Monogamy means security
Spells security monogamy more than one way. Monogamy spells of emotional security. You always have someone you can count on in difficult times. However, this should not be a way! Both partners should support each other. Monogamy also spells social security. Economic security is also a part of monogamy, if operated with caution for the participating partners.

Healthy children
No child in the world deserves a broken home. Monogamy will ensure that their children grow up in a stable and secure environment. The number of institutionalized children is alarming, and one reason that children need to be institutionalized is divorce. One of the main causes of divorce, in turn, is cheating in a relationship. It's a vicious cycle that can be avoided if one chooses to observe monogamy

Emotional stability
Monogamy holds the family together as one entity. A "family" means that the partners have to each other, have two children - a father and a mother. The polygamous nature of one of the two partners could create friction between the partners, if their ideas, beliefs and boundaries of the concept is not the whole game. Over time can lead to conflict. Even if children are not directly involved in those conflicts that do not escape the burning of his hands in the fire. The emotional consequences of these are large and deep. You can not even imagine how many ways divorce can affect children.

Reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be greatly hampered by adherence to monogamy. Changing partners or multiple partners maintain can lead to all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, many of which are fatal. Even with the use of protection such as condoms, sexually transmitted diseases can still be transmitted from an infected person to an uninfected partner, the possibilities can not be completely ignored.

Everyone has the undeniable need to be physically and emotionally attached. Is an important factor in many relationships /. Monogamy allows you to enjoy the feeling of attachment. Of course, this is the healthiest addiction I'm talking about. Other types of attachment can not always be beneficial, but healthy attachment is really necessary.

It would be nice to have company when you are old, and his hair is gray, right? Monogamy means you will not be alone when life is not as exciting as busy or as it was in the past. Older people often yearn for the company, especially if they are alone. It likes to spend his old age in the company of someone you love?

The aspect that speaks louder of monogamy is that it is the best and safest type of atmosphere for children to grow in. achieve a balanced development of physical, mental and emotional development of children. Given the kind of fast lifestyle that we all have hectic these days, does not make you feel good? It is very important that children be educated in the kind of environment to grow into responsible people in society. I hope I was able to convince them of the benefits of monogamy. Ultimately, however, the choice is entirely yours.


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